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Panorama 2
Panorama 2 adds a new dimension to home entertainment, bringing truly immersive high-quality sound to your TV from a single, discreet speaker. Panorama 2's drive units are designed to disperse sound to as wide a listening area as possible. This large audio “sweet spot” means the whole family can immerse themselves in pristine sound. Movies and music on Panorama 2 now sound better than you ever thought that they could. All from a single, discreet loudspeaker system.
Custom Theatre
If you're serious about home cinema, you'll need a seriously good cinema sound system. It doesn't get any better than Custom Theatre from B&W. Drawing from our most advanced technologies, our Custom Theatre ranges are designed with one aim in mind: to lift you out of your seat and throw you into the heart of the action. It's the authentic private cinema experience in your own home. Popcorn not included.
Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre
Mini Theatre
The Mini Theatre range brings enveloping, engaging home cinema performance to your home, even when space is an issue. It comprises two systems built around the compact M-1 loudspeaker and two very different, but very capable subwoofers.
CM Series
No artificial additives. That's been our approach to sound quality from the very beginning. It's exactly the same with the new CM Series.
600 Series
Everyone should experience truly great sound. With the 600 Series, everyone can. Combining audio performance, power and price, the 600 Series blends technology from high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers with engineering solutions unique to the range, to bring the best in audio to everyone.
Bowers & Wilkins has always loved sound. From our earliest days 50 years ago, building specialist drive units from our home in rural England, we have always looked for new ways of bringing extraordinary sound to our customers. In doing so we have gained a global reputation for designing and manufacturing the best speaker systems in the world. We are now doing the same with headphones…

Subwoofer Series
Available to match all Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers and listed here separately for bass lovers. If you're serious about home theatre, you'll almost certainly want a subwoofer.
800 Series Diamond
One material sums up our quest for perfection in sound reproduction more than any other. Diamond. It’s the ultimate tweeter material and the magic ingredient in our flagship 800 Series Diamond, where every speaker in the range benefits from the incredible precision and clarity of diamond. Further major advances in audio critical areas provide the entire range with a dramatic leap forward in terms of audio quality. The very best just got even better. And perfection just got even closer. Watch the video to find out more.

The PM1 loudspeaker features several technological advances as well as advanced application of core Bowers & Wilkins technologies. There’s a new tweeter design, a fresh implementation of a Kevlar® cone, and Matrix™ bracing. There is also the continued implementation of the principles of purity and simplicity plus approaches learned from the development of the 800 Series Diamond.

PM1 loudspeaker
Custom Series
For some people, the mere sight of a speaker, no matter how well designed, is enough to cause palpitations. It's for precisely this clientele that we have pursued the notion of 'invisible' custom installation loudspeakers, which can be carefully hidden into walls or ceilings and, where necessary, disguised to be as hard-to-detect as possible. For more information about a specific Custom Install speaker please choose it from the list below. If you would like to read our Custom Install Guide then click here.
Nautilus™ emerged from B&W's University of Sound R&D facility after five years' painstaking development. Briefed to stop at nothing in the quest for a perfect loudspeaker, our engineers arrived at a set of drive units whose tapering, tubular forms spirited away every trace of internal resonance.
WMS – Wireless Music Systems
Bowers & Wilkins Wireless Music Systems bring together over 45-years of audio expertise with intuitive AirPlay wireless streaming technology to create a system that gives all the convenience and freedom of wireless music, without compromising on sound quality. Apple's AirPlay® wirelessly streams music from your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® straight to a Bowers & Wilkins Wireless Music System. It can stream from iTunes on a Mac or PC too - high-quality, lossless audio files as well as MP3s. You control your music, wherever you are, via your device. It’s time to set your music free.
Zeppelin Wireless

Bowers & Wilkins, the British audio brand renowned for its uncompromising pursuit of acoustic excellence, redefined what could be expected from an integrated speaker dock with the original Zeppelin. Now, eight years on, it has done it again with Zeppelin Wireless. There’s the same instantly recognisable silhouette, but every element of the speaker has been redesigned to deliver superlative audio performance; once again redefining what is possible from a single speaker system. Key among the changes are the five completely new drive units. Zeppelin Wireless features two Double Dome tweeters as found in Bowers & Wilkins award-winning CM Series of Hi-Fi speakers, while the two midrange drivers benefit from FST technology. This unique approach to drive unit design is also found in Bowers & Wilkins flagship 800 Series Diamond, and helps Zeppelin Wireless deliver pristine, lifelike vocals and instruments. A new, larger 6.5” subwoofer with ultra-long voice coil allows deep bass to be played at impressive volume.