The CTSW12 is a passive subwoofer featuring a 12-inch paper drive unit. It is designed to be used with both the CT800 and CT700 ranges. All CT SW subwoofers have a closed-box design that makes them easy to install in cabinetry.

It might seem strange to many listeners that a material like paper could have much to do with a product as solid and powerful as a Custom Theatre subwoofer. Nevertheless, paper plays a vital part in what they’re hearing.

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Closed-box subwoofer system with external rackmount amplifier

Technical features

  • Long throw Paper/Kevlar® cone bass driver
  • Magnetically attached grille

Drive units
ø300mm paper/Kevlar® cone long-throw

Frequency range
-6dB at 17Hz and 25/140Hz adjustable (EQ at A)

Frequency response
±3dB 24Hz – 40/140Hz adjustable (EQ at A)

Bass extension

  • -6dB at 17Hz (position A)
  • -6dB at 22Hz (position B)
  • -6dB at 26Hz (position C)

Power handling


  • Height: 465mm
  • Width: 396mm
  • Depth: 260mm
  • Depth with grille: 290mm

Net Weight

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