SA 1000

The SA 1000 subwoofer amplifier is specifically designed for use with the Custom Theatre CT SW subs. This deceptively compact unit (it’s less than four inches tall and weighs in at 14.3 pounds) produces an astounding 1,000 watts of subwoofer-range power, thanks to its ultra-efficient Class D amplifier design.

The SA1000’s equalisation is custom-tailored to the CT SW subs, delivering deep-bass extension all the way to 16 Hz. And why stop at just one subwoofer? For really serious bass, it’s possible to use the SA 1000 to power two subs simultaneously.

Useful features include a three-way EQ switch for selecting each of the compatible subwoofers: the CT SW10, CT SW12 and CT SW15.

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1000W rack-mount amplifier with built-in subwoofer equalisation

Front panel:

  • Rotary volume (line in)
  • Rotary low-pass filter frequency (4th-order Linkwitz, 40Hz – 140Hz)
  • Low-pass filter defeat 2-posn switch
  • Phase 0º/180º 2-position switch
  • Bass extension 3-position switch
  • Movie/music EQ 2-position switch
  • On/auto/s

Rear panel:
Model select 3-position switch (CT SW10/CT SW 12/CT SW15)

Amplifier inputs

  • 2x RCA Phono socket, line in
  • 2x RCA Phono socket, link out
  • 1x XLR socket, line in
  • 1x XLR socket, link out
  • 3.5mm jack – 12V trigger on/standby (overrides manual standby setting)
  • 3.5mm jack – 12V trigger equalisation movie/music

Amplifier outputs

  • 1x Neutrik® Speakon® 4-pole speaker socket
  • 2x pairs of Binding Posts

Amplifier power output

Input impedance

Rated power consumption

  • 300W – 1/8 full power
  • 34W – Idling
  • 1W – Standby

100mm [88.5mm plus feet]



Front panel height
2U 88.1mm

Net weight

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